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Female Sexual Pleasure


Gender equality has been at the forefront of the media and public conversation for a long time. Some areas in this space have seen strides, but the subject of female sexual pleasure and wellness has been deprioritised in sex education, in health research and society as a whole. The Orgasm Gap is a physical reminder that the predominant socialised.  attitude does not place importance on female pleasure or sexual wellness. 

This begins from a young age, from endless jokes about male masturbation featured in mainstream media down to male anatomy taking centre-stage in class graffiti, the female side of sexual pleasure rarely gets a look-in. 

The problem is that women are aware that masturbation has health benefits but are not discussing it because of the fear of being judged. Hence the challenge is to create a branded content and explore the female pleasure and sexual wellness space and seek to educate and challenge Teen Vogue’s audience about 
the issues surrounding it.


A platform that aims to share the knowledge about women's sexuality and self-exploration. To encourage more women to masturbate without shame.  

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Target Audience and Colour 


Our TAs are girls between age 18-24 and we figured that the usage of playful language and vibrant colours will be able to catch the attention of these girls. We want it to be something that is fun, something to tell girls that it is not a secret therefore we have to be loud and colourful so that we can empower girls. 

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This platform will be placed in Teen Vogue website and to engage the audience, there will be sexual IQ test and a 30 days masturbation challenge. Why challenge? Because according to a study, only 64% women masturbate as compared to 84% of men which thus led to the masturbation gap. We don't know for sure how true is this but what we know is that shame is at the heart of it so in order to destigmatize female masturbation, we have to encourage women to be PROUDand LOUD about masturbation. Take part in this challenge and stand with us! 


Starter kit


The first 100 who sign up for the challenge will get a free starter kit or can be purchased on the website as well. The starter kit will consist of a vibrator, a lube, stickers, 30 days challenge card, door hangers, posters and more! ​​​​​​​


30 days Challenge cards ( different action to be carried out every day) 


Social media: Instagram and Facebook 

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